Triton LP

The 1C63 Triton Low Profile makes the excellent functionality of the 1C60 Triton available even to patients with limited space for integration.

Just like the Triton, the Low Profile version offers the advantages of the cohesive system made of
flexible carbon fibre composite material and the base spring made of high-performance polymer.
In the segment of prosthetic feet with a low clearance, it offers unique functionality. Next to an
especially smooth rollover, the Triton Low Profile features high flexibility in the ML direction.
This ensures safety and support for walking on uneven surfaces and during recreational sports.
Due to its broad area of application and high load-bearing capacity, the Triton Low Profile is ideal
for use in combination with the C-Leg and Genium.

The scope of delivery for the Triton Low Profile includes the footshell with connection cap, a
Spectra-Sock and a transparent (soft) and anthracite (firm) heel wedge.

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