• Flex-Foot Cheetah® Xtend With Nike spike pad

    The Cheetah Xtend is the perfect companion for longer sprints and short-distance running (400-5000m). This highly effective carbon fiber blade has a continuous curve toward the toe offering a smooth rollover. The longer, flatter toe enhances push off, while the plantar flexed pylon supports better forward progression.


    Cheetah Xplore is a unique crossover prosthetic foot inspired by the original Cheetah design. Although primarily intended for everyday use, Cheetah Xplore enables the user to engage in a variety of sports and activities. It supports amputees with active lifestyles by combining high energy return and dynamic push-off with increased balance and stability.

  • Harmony Vacuum

    Vacuum volume management system that is slimmer, lighter, lower-clearance than Harmony P2 for lower limb amputees who want a precise socket fit for confident movement all day long.

  • Custom Liners

    Custom urethane liners provide the best protection, stability, & function for irregularly shaped residual limbs or when sensitivity or scarring is present.

  • Trias Foot

    The 1C30 Trias is an extraordinary solution for a prosthetic foot – a combination of creative
    design and innovative lightweight construction technology. Interconnected dual spring elements
    provide relief with dampening at heel strike and enable a physiological rollover with excellent
    energy return. Secure, controlled movements help the user build self-confidence. The foot adapts to
    different walking speeds and to uneven terrain without a loss of comfort, while simultaneously
    reducing strain on the sound limb.

  • Triton

    The prosthetic feet in the Triton family of products are based on the interactive triangular spring system. Three interconnected spring elements ensure remarkably smooth rollover characteristics. Thanks to their outstanding dynamics and flexibility, all Triton feet are suitable for a broad range of applications from everyday use to recreational sports.

  • CLeg 4

    CLeg 4

    With more than 60,000 C-Leg fittings since the original German launch in 1997, thousands of people have benefited from the new standard of care and improved outcomes the world’s first microprocessor-controlled knee brought to prosthetic care.

  • Genium Knee

    The Genium microprocessor prosthetic leg is quite simply the closest technology has come to natural walking. Imagine work, family, or leisure time activities without having to think about your next step. If your active life demands more function, this is the system you need.

  • Triton Smart Ankle

    The Triton smart ankle lives up to its name, combining the well-engineered Triton foot with the power of state-of-the-art microprocessor and sensor technology.

  • Triton LP

    Erdmann Triton LP

    The 1C63 Triton Low Profile makes the excellent functionality of the 1C60 Triton available even to patients with limited space for integration.

  • X3 Microprocessor Knee

    Genium X3

    The X3 is the most durable, intuitive and technologically advanced microprocessor knee on the market. Developed in collaboration with the US military, it is the first fully waterproof and corrosion resistant knee available.